7 Ways to Clear Your Home of Negative Energy

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Negative energy is not a myth

We are in the transition to the 5th dimension which means that we, the inhabitants of this planet as well as Gaia herself, are exposed to immense energetic changes that we have to go through in order to heal and dissolve karmic guilt that has arisen, patterns that have been lived over lifetimes, injuries that have arisen, perpetrator and victim consciousness and more. Change also means that a vacuum is created. The old energy of the 3rd dimension is fighting for its existence, the dark forces of the past do not hesitate to use all their power to stay in power. This includes the use of negative, dark energy, which can also appear in the form of entities. This negative energy can not only occupy our body and our aura and energy bodies, but also in our house, apartment or workplace these energies and entities can be waiting for them. From my own experience I can assure you, you will notice it when you or your house are occupied, especially if you belong to the sensitive, for energies receptive human beings like me. You will smell it – really – and don’t take it all “personally” if you suddenly feel like you are in a depression. It’s all part of the negative energy plan. In the following article I would like to give you a few tips on how to deal with negative energy in your home and workplace to feel good about yourself again.

1. First remove your mess

Energy stays in items, especially older ones. Depending on the type of energy, they can block your way forward physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

The reason they feel so good after making space and cleaning out their closets and dressers is not just because it gives them a satisfying feeling of having accomplished something, but it has much more to do with the energy that is in things.

Think of it this way: if you hold on to old things, there’s no room for new things to come into your life. You close yourself off to new possibilities, and you get stuck in an old and possibly negative energy. Try to make sure that everything in your home is a joy for you. If this is not the case … throw it away.

2. Fresh air quickly changes many things

The earth, or rather, nature knows best. Just let her help you by replacing negative energies from your home with fresh air. Open your windows at least twice a day, or at least those that allow optimal airflow.

Fresh air will help you remove any negative energy from your home. Stagnant energy can be very suffocating, so make sure the fresh air is flowing well. Not only will you notice it in your concentration, but your mood will noticeably change for the better.


3. Repair broken things – when it is no longer possible, away with it.

Storing broken items in your house is just bad feng shui. This energy accompanies you throughout your life, because you are showing the universe what you accept and tolerate in your life, you are literally saying “give me more of that”.

Broken objects carry a negative energy. When an object is irreparable, it serves no purpose other than to radiate that it is stuck in a negative state.

Therefore, what you can no longer use because it is broken should be thrown away if it is beyond repair. It would only clog up their life energy and, as I said, transfer that energy of the broken things into your life.

To eliminate this negative condition, take care of, clean and maintain the existing and functioning household items such as clothes, plants and furniture. This is also an expression of love for the things you share your living space with, and by extension, love for yourself. You will be amazed at how this changes your mood for the better.


4. Redesign rooms – change colors

As mundane as it may sound, change is the first step you can take to achieve your desired goal. Freshen up your rooms by rearranging a few things. It doesn’t always have to be a big change. Sometimes moving two sofas or rearranging a rug is enough. A great and easy way to freshen up your living spaces is to play around with the arrangement of furniture. Especially in Feng Shui, you look carefully at the direction in which furniture is arranged to achieve favorable chi. In this way, you promote the flow of prosperity, happiness and health in your life.

Not only can rearranging furniture change the energy in a room for the better, but so can changing it through colors and accents.

Colors change our mood. Colors are also an expression of our mood and sometimes how we feel about life, or a sign of negative energy within us, with the corresponding color choice of our clothing. Colors on your walls or your accessories can be calming and even help you fall asleep, they can brighten your mood and motivate you positively. Be careful not to mix too many colors, this would again bring unrest into your life. This makes you unfocused and leads to concentration problems and restlessness and ends in frustration.

5. Keep your entrance clean and beautiful

Energy is thought to come and go just as we do, so it’s a good idea to take good care of your entryway. The entrance is not only an important point according to Feng Shui, it is the first energy we and our guests encounter in our home. If we keep our entrance area clean and beautiful, clear and harmonious, it will transfer to the whole living area. Not only do we pay attention to cleanliness and order, but we also don’t leave broken items there. Colorful accents can also be set with the entrance door. According to Feng Shui, the choice of color depends on the cardinal direction in which the entrance is located. The entrance carpet or doormat also provides an opportunity for tenants to set positive vibrations in the form of color accents and let them into the apartment/house. A loving design in front of the door says a lot and leaves negativity outside right away. Bringing nature and bright light into your entryway will create a harmonious feeling for you and your visitors. Let your design skills run wild in terms of colors and accents, as well as practical items, and make sure your mirror in the entryway doesn’t hang directly across from the door.


6. Essential oil of lemon and orange – cleansing and refreshing.

The scent of lemon oil is associated by many with the smell of clean and healthy, and so it is. Lemon juice is an effective cleanser, “wash” your hands once with fresh lemon juice and your hands will feel and smell clean and soft. After a long night flight, this has often worked wonders for tired flight attendant hands. Lemon oil is a powerful mood booster and invigorates your home, it also helps to dissipate negative energy.

When we smell the scent of oranges, we immediately feel transported to the Christmas market. Orange oil is also popular in winter in our latitudes, as it has a mood-lifting and relaxing effect, increasing our sense of well-being. Liven up your home with a few splashes of orange oil, especially when you feel like you have negative energy or a preoccupation. There are several ways to diffuse the oil in your home, from sprays to scented candles or tea lights, another option is aroma diffusers and air purifiers, some of which are helpful for allergy sufferers. How you can effectively counteract a preoccupation and even deeper, you will learn in the next point.


7. Burn sage

Sage has been used by many cultures as a means to cleanse the air of negative energy. Also from evil spirits or occupations. Burning some dried sage leaves will purify your home, as well as the people and objects inside.

If you like, walk around the house with burning sage in a bundle or heatproof bowl. Walk around and let the smoke permeate each room, from corner to corner in the room.

Additionally, you can accentuate the positive energy by holding good thoughts during the cleansing ceremony.


If you want to have a professional cleansing done because you suspect an occupation or negative energy in your home, I recommend booking a healer, shaman, etc.

Negative energy in our environment can have various causes. It may be that you have a feeling of negative energy in your office that is blocking you. With the above tips, you can clean up not only your home, but also your workplace.

When you move into a new house, it is quite possible that the previous occupants have left their energy there. This does not always have to be negative, but it is not your energy and has nothing to do with you, most of the time anyway.

If it is a very old house, there is a possibility that it is these very spirits or occupations that a very empathic or sensitive person can perceive and possibly suffer from.

The Author

The Author


Christa Fossati is the founder of FairyQueenCreations, her art and meditations can also be found on the Healing Frequency Meditations Website and YouTube channel. She provides insights into the spiritual world and her knowledge about healing, frequencies, and naturopathy.



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