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Welcome to Morning Mindset, your ultimate meditation app designed to enhance your daily routine and promote a positive mindset.

Start your day the right way with our unique combination of astrological daily tips, morning meditation sessions, sleep meditations, and nature sounds, daily affirmations, and a mood journal.

Let’s explore the features that make Morning Mindset your go-to app for cultivating inner peace and personal growth.

Morning Meditation with Morning Mindset App

Morning Meditation

Mood Tracker with Morning Mindset App

Track your Mood

Daily Affirmation


Sleep / Nature Sounds


Morning Mindset App

Kickstart your day with our curated collection of morning meditations.

Choose from a variety of guided meditations that cater to different goals, such as stress reduction, clarity, gratitude, and self-confidence.

Find your calm and set a positive tone for the day ahead, allowing you to approach challenges with a centred and focused mindset.

End your day peacefully with our sleep meditations and soothing nature sounds.

Unwind and let go of the day’s stress with guided meditations designed to promote deep relaxation and restful sleep.

Enhance your sleep environment with a selection of nature sounds, including rain, ocean waves, forest ambiance, and more, helping you achieve a night of rejuvenating sleep.

Morning Mindset App
Morning Mindset App

Daily Affirmations

Empower yourself with daily affirmations, carefully crafted to instill positivity and self-belief.

Receive uplifting messages and encouraging statements to reinforce your confidence, self-worth, and resilience.

Start your day with an affirmation that resonates with you, and carry its empowering energy throughout your day.

Share your affirmations with your friends on your Instagram account.

Share with the world through your iPhone options like Messages, Mail, What’s App and more.

You can save your affirmations with the Apps installed on your iPhone. For example, you can save it to your Diary or your Notes App.

Mood Journal

Keep track of your emotional well-being with our built-in mood journal.

Reflect on your daily experiences, thoughts, and feelings, helping you gain insights into your emotional patterns and growth.

Monitor your progress, celebrate achievements, and identify areas for personal development, all within the app’s intuitive journaling interface.

Morning Mindset App

Track your Biorhythm.

Morning Mindset provides a daily overview of your biorhythms, offering a deeper understanding of your physical, emotional, and intellectual cycles.

Stay in tune with your body’s natural rhythms and use this knowledge to optimize your daily activities and decision-making.

Gain valuable insights into your energy levels, allowing you to plan your day effectively and align your actions with your natural flow.

Get Astrological daily tips.

Morning Mindset App offers personalized astrological daily tips based on your zodiac sign.

Discover valuable insights and guidance to help you navigate each day with purpose and intention.

Our expert astrologers curate these tips to provide you with cosmic wisdom that aligns with your individual journey.

Morning Mindset App

Credits to the Developer

My goal of launching a meditation app has been a learning experience. There have been numerous trials and errors until the project was born and ready for you to download in the app store. Lastly, I am pleased to present the ‘MorningMindset App’ to you. I am already in the process of adding more features to the app. 

Credits and thanks to the Developer of this App, Morning Mindset, Yura Dolotov, UtilityMan. The App is made with love in Bulgaria.

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Morning Mindset is more than just a meditation app. It’s your comprehensive companion for personal growth, mindfulness, and self-care. Embrace the power of astrology, meditation, affirmations, journaling, and biorhythms to create a positive mindset that sets you up for success.

Download Morning Mindset now and embark on a transformative journey towards inner peace and a balanced life.

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