Portalday of the white rhythmic mirror


On the portal day of the white rhythmic mirror, it is about self-reflection.

Portal day – 28. October 2021

Which structures still belong to you, which restrict you and prevent you from unfolding? Which order do you still follow, but which is no longer suitable? Are you already following the call of your heart? The white rhythmic mirror shows you what you experience on the outside, this is what it looks like on the inside.

Self-reflection always comes from listening to your inner self, especially your heart space, which is your connection to your soul. Do not let your fear or your ego slow you down.

Let the information that the spiritual world wants to give you flow into you and let it rest for a moment. You gain this connection through mindfulness, every minute, every breath. It allows you clarity that will lead you to important insights.

It leads you into a form of spaceless ness and the possibility to look at everything from “above” for a moment. This new view or truth gives you the power to go one step closer into your authenticity, for which you came here. To live a life in this own truth means to live a life in fullness in everything, especially love.

In this way, you better accept what is shown to you and recognize it as a guide to your energy. The most significant thing, however, is to recognize who you are with all self-reflection, to recognize yourself as a loving being.

The Author

The Author


Christa Fossati is the founder of FairyQueenCreations, her art and meditations can also be found on the Healing Frequency Meditations Website and YouTube channel. She provides insights into the spiritual world and her knowledge about healing, frequencies, and naturopathy.



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