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7 Ways to Clear Your Home of Negative Energy

7 Ways to Clear Your Home of Negative Energy

A beautiful home is an essential ingredient for a balanced lifestyle. Only if your home feels like it’s full of negative energy, then it’s time to get rid of that negative energy once and for all. Here are 7 easy ways to cleanse your home of negative energy!

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Recognize your soul mate – Guided Meditation

Recognize your soul mate – Guided Meditation

This MP3 will guide you to recognize the signs and symbols that lead to your soul mate. It can ease your longing for each other and you will learn that you can meet at any time on a non-physical level and begin to interact with each other on a soul level. The background music is made with theta waves, perfect for opening up to a state of mind where you can manifest your desires.

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Meditations and creations made with Love and the intention to create pure LOVE within you. Because nothing else matters!

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