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Very little is needed to make a happy Life;

it is all in yourself, in the way you’re thinking.

Marcus Aurelius

About Christa

Christa Fossati is a trained Hypnotherapist (NGH), Energy-Healer transformer, Intuitive Channel, Meditation Teacher and Artist. During the past 22 years, she has dedicated herself to learning many different modalities for healing body, mind and spirit. Christa intuitively integrates vibrational energy frequencies and hypnotherapy as well as her Art as holistic form of healing.

She resides with her family in Spain. Her mission is to assist humanity in opening their hearts away from their fear and to support them in their transformation into the higher frequency.

Spiritual Consultant:  During her sessions Christa brings back memories of infinite love, for love is the essence of everything, the most profound energy you carry within yourself. She walks with you on your life path journey, to show you your inner light and to give you hope and faith on your path into your transformation. Christa will connect you with your inner wisdom so that you can recognize all the fears and pattern that may be holding you back from regaining your personal power. Knowledge is the power that awakens your unique abilities and your birthright to happiness and abundance in this world.

Love, light and knowledge give birth to wisdom. Through wisdom the soul begins the healing journey of returning back home to its original creator.

Healer: Christa is dedicated in assisting those who need healing on all levels. Christa works with anyone requesting her services.

Christa also works with Starseeds, and assists them in activating their DNA for the purpose of awakening their ancient memories and unique abilities so that they may apply these to their Earth’s life mission, and use them in their everyday life.

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