9 Solfeggio frequencies – What do they do?

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Already in the Middle Ages, certain groups of people were aware of the power of the Solfeggio tones. The Solfeggio tones are frequencies, each of which has a specific vibration. These vibrations are known to have a healing and health-giving effect on our body, mind and soul. They can even repair our DNA.

Anyone who has attended a music school knows Solfeggio as a 6 step scale. They are especially known through sacred chants such as Gregorian chants. It is said that these chants and tones can bring about spiritual expansion.

Many are seen in frequency language, out of harmony. Solfeggio tones can help us find our center again. When we are grounded and in our center, we can really draw from our potential.

Healing sounds

Our bodies and minds resonate with the sounds of frequencies just as they do with the words and emotions of others. Solfeggio frequencies resonate in our cells and organs and sometimes work wonders.

In the 1930s, Dr. Raymond Rife achieved success with his fabricated frequency machine that he used on cancer patients.

It is great that more and more are listening to the healing frequencies of Solfeggio tones as well as Binaural Beats, Rife frequencies and Isochronic tones. Because they have one thing in common, they have a relaxing effect on our mind and body. In our hectic times, when we take less and less time for ourselves, the best thing we can do for ourselves is a meditation with healing frequencies. Because together with the right background music, this can be just the right thing for a meditation. A daily meditation brings us the opportunity to communicate with our higher self, it also centers us. Through the frequencies and the right way of living, all our body processes are brought back into balance. Important part of any healing session and I would like to include my frequency music on my YouTube channel, is the willingness to accept the healing.

The six frequencies at a glance

Originally, the solfeggio scale was composed of the following frequencies:

396 Hz

Transforming sorrow into joy. Transforming guilt and fears

417 Hz

Resonance with the universe, erasing negative experiences and mindsets

528 Hz

Transformation – miracle frequency – love – DNA renewing

639 Hz

Harmonizes relationships – clears conflicts in relationships

741 Hz

Awakening of intuition, problem solver, clarifying, detoxifying

852 Hz

Reconnection to spirituality

Dr. Leonard Horowitz has uncovered three more Solfeggio frequencies.

Solfeggio frequencies were calculated according to Dr. Joseph Puleo using the Pythagorean method. He found a pattern in the Solfeggio frequencies which can all be reduced to the cross sums 3, 6 and 9 based on this mathematical reduction.

Additional Solfeggio tones could be calculated for this, the ladder could be added infinitely. The following three frequencies effect very much with us and correspond to the vibration of the universe, the earth and the divinity, a trinity.

The three additional Solfeggio frequencies

174 Hz

Natural anaesthetic, pain reducing, organs are brought back to the frequency of love and safety—frequency of earth energy.

285 Hz

Fast healing and regeneration of tissues, changes energy fields, improves immune system—frequency of original form and energy

963 Hz

Reset to our original, perfect being—frequency of divine harmony

What is the role of the 7 chakras?

Solfeggio frequencies act on our chakras, bringing them back to their natural vibration. When our chakras are in their original, harmonious vibration, our entire body system and spirit is in harmony.

The mode of action of the Solfeggio frequencies

Each Solfeggio frequency acts on a specific area on and in our body and mind. Just as our universe and our earth vibrate in a certain frequency or frequencies, we also vibrate in certain frequencies. If our basic frequency deviates from the original and therefore harmonious vibration, this can lead us into illness of body and mind. With the Solfeggio frequencies our self-healing powers are stimulated again, starting with our states of consciousness, which according to Dr.Horowitz’s change positively. Changing our consciousness also addresses our molecules, which are sensitive to vibration. Neuroscientist, pharmacologist, and alternative medicine advocate Candace Beebe Pert described how energies and vibrations affect our molecules in her 1997 work (Molecules of Emotion) “The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine.” She discovered that the human body has over 70 different receptors that respond to vibrations and transmit these vibrations to our molecules. Each cell, by passing on information through the receptors, therefore responds to certain vibrations that we bring to our body. This happens through the fluid that surrounds each cell and that begins to vibrate. Different frequencies therefore influence our cells, genes, and other body systems.

The way to a deeper consciousness with the Solfeggio frequencies – the meaning of each frequency explained

Each frequency has specific areas of application, but all have the ability to put us in a relaxing mode, our heartbeat, and breathing slows down and come into harmony. This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from symptoms of stress, anxiety, restlessness and psychosomatic complaints. When the soul suffers, the body suffers too, because everything that burdens us mentally will sooner or later express itself in a physical complaint. It is therefore important to pay attention to our emotions and listen to our needs and intuition. If we additionally listen to the Solfeggio frequencies, we can really change a lot in our lives positively.

174 Hz

Effect: Natural anaesthetic, pain reducing, organs are brought back to the frequency of love and security.

This is the natural frequency of the earth, therefore it establishes a connection between man and the earth. The lowest tone of the ladder acts as a natural anaesthetic. It resonates into the organs and puts them into the original vibration of love. It is like a calibration to the state just before we were born, when we felt a sense of security and love. A meditation at 174 Hz is said to be very pain relieving and is considered a natural anaesthetic. It enters our body through our feet and abdomen and strengthens our perception.

285 Hz

Effect: fast healing and regeneration of tissues, changes energy fields, improves immune system.

285 Hz acts on the energy field of our body, moreover it improves our immune system. The vibration sends a signal to the cells to return to their original state. This applies to organs as well as tissues. Accordingly, the frequency helps fractures and tissue injuries of all kinds such as burns, cuts, and other skin injuries to heal faster. After being changed by 285 Hz, one feels rejuvenated and energized. It also affects our environment and can, for example, improve the vibration of our flat/house.

396 Hz—root chakra

Effect: Transforming sorrow into joy, transforming guilt and fears.

When the root chakra is blocked by fear, stress, sorrow and worry, everything in our life starts to fall apart. These emotions lead us further into negativity, tangentially impacting all the other chakras, which can also be blocked as a result. Our body starts to release more stress hormones such as cortisol, which is predominantly released during long term stress and severely weakens our adrenal glands. 396 Hz is one of the most important frequencies we can use to heal our root chakra and its symptoms. This will also allow more energy to flow back into the other chakras.
Firstly, it is essential to realize that this frequency helps us to let go of feelings of guilt that we use against ourselves because nothing goes as we “planned”. The fears that come over us when we are not in consciousness and that block us more than they help us are released. A regular meditation with 396 Hz leads to unconscious blockades and negative belief patterns coming to the surface. This releases positive energies that help us to achieve our goals without the previous blockages.

417 Hz—Sacral Chakra

Effect: resonance with the universe, erasing negative experiences and ways of thinking.

This frequency corresponds to the vibration of the universe. Just as the universe is an inexhaustible source of energy, so is 417 Hz Solfeggio frequency. This energy enables us to make a change in life. It clears traumatic experiences, unconscious blockages, negative thoughts and ideas, and also guilt that prevents us from moving forward. Anything that has taken us down a self-destructive path in the past that has brought us to where we are now—the absence of love. This is to bring us back to the creative, loving person we originally were when we were born. It energizes our bodies, which allows us to make positive changes in our lives. On the cellular level, it gets the cells to work full speed ahead, so to speak, just as we did at the beginning of our lives.

528 Hz—Solar Plexus

Effect: Transformation—miracle frequency—love – DNA renewing

528 Hz acts on us like a love drug. The focus among the frequencies is 528 Hz, because studies in molecular biology have proven that this frequency affects our genetic material, and therefore it is possible to repair a defective DNA. However, further research is needed to confirm this from the scientific side. In alternative medicine, however, this frequency is already used for DNA modification. Through the healing effect on our DNA, we change our entire being. We feel as if we are reborn, possess immense clarity and power, come to a new awareness and feel attractive, this can extend to an ecstatic feeling. It gives us an inner peace that allows us to draw from all our potentials. With the help of our intuition, imagination and intention, we can bring out the best in ourselves. We reach goals that have remained closed to us until now. When we realize that we are the creator of our lives and realize our manifestations ourselves, we can bring miracles into our lives, which is why 528 Hz is also called the miracle frequency.

639 Hz—Heart Chakra

Effect: Harmonizes relationships, clarifies conflicts in relationships

639 Hz works on the cellular level in this sense that they are encouraged to communicate with their environment. This is also true for the effect of this frequency. It works out on the relationship level the things that were previously blocked. Disharmony in relationships with other people, be it in families, partnerships, or friendships but also inter-social relationship problems are cleared with 639 Hz. This frequency favours better communication, understanding, tolerance and love for everything.

741 Hz—Throat Chakra

Effect: awakening of intuition, problem solver, clarifying, detoxifying

741 Hz stands for awakening and contact with the soul through our intuition. It has a detoxifying effect on our consciousness and our body system. It causes us to crave more healthy foods. Furthermore, it also acts on electromagnetic stress in our body. Likewise, it has a detoxifying effect on everything in our life, not only toxins, but also concerns and burdens, which leads us to a simpler way of life. We come more to ourselves, can live out our self more and learn to stand up for ourselves, which also becomes apparent in a healthy self-expression.

852 Hz—Third Eye Chakra

Effect: reconnection to spirituality

We awaken to an unprecedented clarity and recognize the illusions in our lives. All our cells will vibrate in a higher frequency, with regular use of this frequency. This brings us back to the spiritual consciousness that we are. We experience a greater awareness of all that is.

963 Hz—Crown Chakra

Effect: Reset to our original, perfect being.

This frequency stimulates our upper brain and pineal gland. It is the highest frequency that brings us back to our origin—the All-Consciousness. It is directly connected to the light and can bring our body system into this high vibration.

The Author

The Author


Christa Fossati is the founder of FairyQueenCreations, her art and meditations can also be found on the Healing Frequency Meditations Website and YouTube channel. She provides insights into the spiritual world and her knowledge about healing, frequencies, and naturopathy.



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